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IT-Development Services

- affordable and high quality deliverables

If you are planning to develop a blockchain proof-of-concept, demonstrator or a full production system, it is important to have a solid foundation and partner. work closely with our clients on bringing ideas into life using blockchain technology.

We have many years of experience in listening to our clients and understand their business requirements so we can help architect the best possible solution. No matter if you need a system architect, full-stack blockchain developer, other type of specialist as a supplement to your team, we can help

Quality Assurance Testing

- flexible at low costs
Our teams can help your software solutions meet your needs and expectations. By combining well-educated QA resources with modern tools and methodologies, we makes sure your product delivers positive user experience across different platforms, browsers and operating systems. We help create test-script, test functional and non-functional features of your product to make sure all is working according to your business logic and specific requirements. Our team also reveals stress, load, scalability or reliability glitches and ensures stable work of your product.

Customer Support Outsourcing Services

Efficient customer support is a make-or-break factor for most businesses. Successful organizations around the world have realized that outsourcing of customer support is a cost-effective option that greatly slet also promotes customer satisfaction.

Our experienced and very carefully selected customer service team offers support based on honesty, persistency and a personal involvement in satisfying every customer 24 hours a day.

About Us

We are a Copenhagen based consulting and IT-development company working in close collaboration with our daughter company WeMoveIdeas in Bangalore, India.

With more than 10 years in India specializing in advanced tech-development and customized solutions, QA-Testing and Customer Support, we are obtaining the benefits of utilizing special high-level potentials and advantages from being experienced working within two cultures.

We are pleased, among others, to be working with the following companies:

BLOC, Chainalysis,, CommonCollection, Hafnia Trading



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