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Blockchain Development Services

- affordable and high quality deliverables is an IT-company with roots back to 1983. The company has from its early days been participating in numerous research programs at the Technical University of Denmark supporting the mechanical engineering domain. We have created tools for improved efficiency within engineering design, manufacturing, supply-chain-management and developed a large number of integrations to CAD, PDM, CRM, sales-configuration and cost-estimation systems.

After more than 10 years of presence in India, we are pleased to announce the establishment of our Indian daughter company, WeMoveIdeas, with office in Bangalore (“The Silicon Valley” of India), where we have access to a large pool of talented IT-resources (developers, system architects, project managers, test engineers).

In respect to technology, we have no preferences and undertake all aspects: Web technologies (Asp.Net, NodeJS, Angular), Cloud Computing (AWS, AZURE, Google), Mobile Apps (React Native, Xamarin (Android, iPhone, Windows)) and Blockchain technologies (Hyperledger, Ethereum). We uses Agile project management methods (Scrum, SAFe)

Quality Assurance and Testing

- flexible at low costs

Our teams can help your software solutions meet your needs and expectations. By combining well-educated QA resources with modern tools and methodologies, we make sure your product delivers positive user experience across different platforms, browsers and operating systems.

We help create test-script, test functional and non-functional features of your product to make sure all is working according to your business logic and specific requirements. Our team also reveals stress, load, scalability or reliability glitches and ensures stable work of your product.

Customer Support Outsourcing Services

Efficient customer support is important. Many companies have realized that outsourcing of customer support is a cost-effective option that also promotes customer satisfaction.

Our experienced and carefully selected service team offers support based on honesty, persistency and a personal involvement.

About Us

We are a consulting and IT firm based in Copenhagen and with our own fully owned development and services company WeMoveIdeas in Bangalore in India. We have had a presence in India for more that 10 years and have specialized in the development and implementation of customized solutions at very affordable prices.

We are pleased, among others, to be working with the following companies:

BLOC, Chainalysis,, CommonCollection, Hafnia Trading



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