We do all sorts of software development based on Open Source and .NET framework. We are particular focused on developing blockchain based solutions ranging from POC (Proof of Concepts) to full production systems.

What we do

We design and develop all kinds of IT applications.

Technical Project Management

We manage small and large projects.

Blockchain and Crypto Application

Specializes in distributed ledger, blockchain and crypto development.

Full Stack Development

We do all sorts of software development.

Our Skills

We have a team of happy, motivated, highly skilled and carefully selected software engineers, who basically covers all possible technologies and all phases of IT-projects spanning from UX-exploration, architectural design, planning, estimation, programming until to qa-testing.
What we promise our clients:

  • High quality of deliverables above average at a shorter spent time compared to others.
  • Less spent time on handover of specification and needless communication.
  • Solid team that ensures continuity of engagement based on internal knowledge-sharing.

See here our current level as a team:

  • DATABASE – 90%
  • CLOUD – 70%
  • BLOCKCHAIN – 75%


At WeMoveIdeas, our daughter company in Bangalore, India, customers and our staff meet peer-to-peer. As an approved customer you get to work directly with the staff appointed to help you with your special needs. You will of course have the possibility to speak with the founders and some of our special experts. Working directly with our carefully selected staff makes it possible for you not only to make great friends while you create your dream project, it makes it a high quality project and financially possible. Our global based customers, we see as our partners. We supply our expertise as much as an intend of giving as an actual service or product. We take our partners seriously and we select all based on our WHY, – to work for a better world. Our relation to our customers are based on positivity and we love to meet people from different parts of the world through our collaborations.


SolarVille: A Vision for a Clean Energy Future

– a project made for Space10 

“In a world with so much unbearable human suffering and yet so much unutilised goodwill and human potential, it is natural and satisfying to utilise benefits of the newest technologies. SolarVille is a great example of that. From a technical and blockchain-based point of view, the installation is true to an intended real world installation: All used software is free of cost and the required devices/servers are inexpensive. The project demonstrates that it is possible to provide a transaction-based system for the less privileged humans having little or no access to electricity, which is both tamper free, secure against hacking and protected against central governance by powerful and sometimes corrupt companies and governments. A great example of giving control and bringing hope to the many less privileged people.” Annette and Thorkild Grothe-Møller, Co-founders of WeMoveIdeas India and Blocktech.dk.


Grundfos (world’s largest manufacturer of pumps) has initiated a POC (proof of concept) called WeWater with the purpose of exploring the use of blockchain technology for a new “water network”. The background is grave as billions of people have no direct access to clean water which means that primarily poor people are spending precious time and are paying overprice to get access to it. In the WeWater POC, donations are made by either by mobile-apps or IoT devices, and the receivers are getting the clean water from AQtap’s, which is manufactured by Grundfos. In the project we handled all transactions from the external devices using HyperLedger platform, and provided a “block explorer” so all donations and payout could be monitored in a trusted and transparent way. As part of the project, we also developed the mobile-app and the IoT integration to a Mitte (https://mitte.co/) water dispenser.

Smart Contract and dApp development for Concordium

In collaboration with Concordium, we have developed a NodeJS Smart Contract gRPC interfaces for Concordium Node. The Smart Contract Interfaces are now available as opensource and will be useful when building dApps that interacts with smart contracts. Based on our general experience in developing dApps on public blockchains, we have through our collaboration with the team from Concordium, gained a deep knowledge of how to developing smart contract (RUST language) and do development on the Concordium platform based on NodeJS and even .NET – and utilizing different Cloud providers such as AWS and Azure.

Implementing a solution that improves traceability, trust and quality in the bunker fuel supply chain, is a way to drive new business models. By using Hyperledger Fabric (distributed ledger technology), we helped creating an immutable chain of custody of fuels between various actors transacting and transferring the fuels throughout the supply chain. Managing marine fuel’s quality and quantity is a crucial challenge in the maritime industry and this is one solution. It is a project that is also build to validate an important decarbonisation pathway with blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

We developed a trading platform for the purchasing and selling of different types of cryptocurrencies for the company WeMoveCoins. This webportal is built as a customer-centric and user-friendly application that allows users to receive the exchange within minutes. The webportal also has an advanced administration backend, which gives the administrator a user-friendly and powerful tool to handle transactions and KYC information correctly. Over 60.000 completed transactions has successfully run through this solution by WeMoveCoins.

ALTAN.DK – Configuration and Quotation of Balconies

Altan.dk is the largest manufacturer of balconies in Denmark, and are on a yearly basis mounting more than 3.000. Over the past years, the competition has become very hard and the main challenge for Altan.dk is to quote new customers with prices that are both competitive and sustainable. As many companies do, quoting at Altan.dk started by using error prone and tedious Excel-sheets and Word documents. Based on visionary people from Altan.dk, a journey started by using rule-based sales-configuration technology from Configit. We have been part of this journey from the very beginning and are continuously developing and maintaining on a solution that have become business-critical, and that are not only an efficient and precise tool for giving quotes to new customers, but also tightly integrated to their internal ERP and CMS system.

Blockchain and Crypto Application Development

We do all sorts of software development based on Open Source and .NET framework. We are particular focused on developing blockchain based solutions ranging from POC (Proof of Concepts) to real production systems. We follow the demands so currently we focus mostly on HyperLedger (Fabric) and Ethereum and integration to IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as Odoid and Raspberry PI. Apart from the core backend development of blockchain/distributed ledger solution, we also provide frontend engineering to connect html/css based frontend files with backend API’s typically using Angular.
Our Clients

Danfoss District Heating. District cooling is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient cooling supply that enables a green future with substitution to renewable energy. Blocktech delivered a quotation/configuration platform called iQuote for the purpose of delivering high-quality quotation letters.

Grundfos is a Danish pump manufacturer, based in Denmark, with more than 19.000 employees globally. The annual production of more than 16 million pump units, circulator pumps, submersible pumps, and centrifugal pumps.

HumanRisks are delivering a platform with integrated and automated features that allows managing the entire security risk management process. It support quickly disseminate information, delegate responsibility for always stay updated.

Lloyd’s Register Group Limited is a technical and business services organisation and a maritime classification society, wholly owned by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a UK charity dedicated to research and education in science and engineering.

Riskline is a world-class travel risk intelligence company providing country and city risk assessments and real-time alert messaging to fulfil duty of care requirements before and during travel. Trusted by global Traffic Message Channel, small businesses and everyone in between, Riskline has been in operation since 2007.

The European Regional Fund. PIVØ represents partner driven innovation for the emerging markets in East Africa.

Cimbria develops and manufactures a comprehensive line of products for individual processes or for installation into existing or new processing lines. Blocktech delivered a quotation/configuration platform called iQuote for the purpose of delivering high-quality quotation letters.

Altan.dk is Denmark’s leading company in production and mounting of elevators and balconies for existing apartments and properties. On a yearly basis, they deliver more than 3.0000 balconies and elevators in Denmark and Sweden.

Chainalysis offers cryptocurrency investigation and compliance solutions to global law enforcement agencies, regulators, and businesses as they work together to fight illicit cryptocurrency activity. Backed by Benchmark and other leading names in venture capital, Chainalysis builds trust in blockchains.

Monni ApS is a leading cryptocurrency broker with customers around the world. They provide a simple and user-friendly trading platform for customers to buy and sell bitcoins by the use of credit card payments or bank transfers.

SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to enable a better everyday life for people and planet. SPACE10 is working as an independent research and design lab.

We are partner in a so-called PIVØ-project in collaboration with Access2innovation

About Us

We are a Copenhagen based IT company with our own development and service company WeMoveIdeas India in Bangalore, India. For more than 10 years we have been present in India specialising in developing and implementing technically advanced and customised solutions at affordable prices.


Thorkild Grothe-Møller

Co-Founder and Technical Director

BSc Eng. (Hon.)

Annette Grothe-Møller

Co-Founder, Human- and Strategic Director

MSc Psychology

Tarun Kumar Upadhyay

General Manager



Blocktech ApS, Nørrebrogade 47, 1st floor,
2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark Tel: +45 25853002 CVR: 37314153 contact@blocktech.dk