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“In a world with so much unbearable human suffering and yet so much unutilised goodwill and human potential, it is natural and satisfying to utilise benefits of the newest technologies. SolarVille is a great example of that. From a technical and blockchain-based point of view, the installation is true to an intended real world installation: All used software is free of cost and the required devices/servers are inexpensive. The project demonstrates that it is possible to provide a transaction-based system for the less privileged humans having little or no access to electricity, which is both tamper free, secure against hacking and protected against central governance by powerful and sometimes corrupt companies and governments. A great example of giving control and bringing hope to the many less privileged people.”

Annette and Thorkild Grothe-Møller, Co-founders, WeMoveIdeas India and Blocktech

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Our teams can help your software solutions meet your needs and expectations. By combining well-educated QA resources with modern tools and methodologies, we make sure your product delivers positive user experience across different platforms, browsers and operating systems. We help create test-script, test functional and non-functional features of your product like Huiput to make sure all is working according to your business logic and specific requirements. Our team also reveals stress, load, scalability or reliability glitches and ensures stable work of your product.


Supply Chain and Quality Assurance Management Using HyperLedger

Implementing a technology solution that improves traceability and trust in bunker fuel supply chain, is an important task. It is a way to drive new business models. We implemented technology that supplied assurance in fuel origin, journey and characteristics for the maritime sector. This is achieved by using a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology. It creates an immutable chain of custody of quality analysis documentation and specification of fuels from the various actors transacting and transferring the fuels throughout the supply chain. The analysis results of the fuel supply are then associated to the specific transaction offering the fuel. Managing marine fuel's quality and quantity assurance is a crucial challenge in the maritime industry and this is one solution. It is a project that is also build to validate an important decarbonisation pathway with Blockchain technology.

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